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Gnome Corner Creator Cartoon

Welcome to My Magical Forest

Positive Vibrations

Start my mornings with coffee in hand and the mountains on the horizon while I watch the sun rise. Readying all of my positive intentions for the days creations. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see what magic I have in store for you.

Magical tools for sales at Gnome Corner

Magical Tools

This magical corner of the universe is full of not only crystals but tools too! Whether you’re looking for the healing power of crystals or just love pretty stones, or need herbs to finish the ritual.. I know you’ll love what we have to offer. Come join us and see what magic is available

Crystal Beauties

Hope your days are full of magic and love. I'm always adding new pieces and I’m so excited to show them all to you. I carry both raw and polished crystals. Make sure to check back for new items and sign up for emails so you don't miss a magical moment.


They’re gorgeous for decor and having the Lapis Lazuli small enough to carry in my pocket helps ground me if I’m a little anxious. She talked me through my purchase to make sure I would be happy.


My package was amazing. I just started my journey on using herbs in my practice. She’s super helpful when I’ve asked questions and everything smells so amazing.


Warning your jaw will drop. This Labradorite heart palm stone is just mind blowing. The flash and color explosion is out of this world. Soon as I saw this beauty I fell in love.